What is Distance Learning?

First, it is learning;
Second, it is flexible learning; and
Third, it is directed learning.

Our Online Learning

While providing the flexibility of online learning, the University maintains the highest standard of academic excellence. The purpose of our ex¬istence as a university is to allow the student to earn a degree on a much more flexible basis than traditional colleges and universities.

The responsibility for learning is shared by the student and the University. Academic success is demonstrated through learning outcomes; not how much time is spent in a classroom. The student is not arbitrarily assigned a course of study and then left to figure out what to do with it. At Janus University, the student receives directed instruction and guidance from faculty members, as well as regular collaboration with classmates from around the world.

Our online format utilizes state of the art synchronous and asynchronous learning
modalities, featuring the RCampus learning management system and Saba Centra for Virtual Classrooms. Online programs are organized into nine-week terms and provide the student with the opportunity to enroll in up to two courses per term. This flexibility allows the student to complete the program within seven terms or approximately 15 months.

RCampus is a comprehensive Education Management System and a collaborative learning environment. A suite of award-winning, innovative productivity tools connects students and educators with important information crucial to student success while allowing school administrators real-time access to data for better tracking of institutional effectiveness. Educators, students and school administrators can manage courses, build ePortfolios, create websites, join eCommunities, assess school work with rubrics and much more, from a single location.

Saba Centra for Virtual Classrooms replicates the discourse and discussion of a typical classroom with a complete set of features for highly interactive and effective group learning. It brings together voice, video, data, and graphics in a structured online learning environment for that scales to hundreds of supported users. Saba Centra's scalable, secure, reliable architecture is the best solution for large, extended enterprise training and learning. Saba Centra has been around for over ten years and has many loyal customers. Saba Centra offers a better web conferencing experience and unmatched scalability and reliability. Easy access to session recordings is just one of the reasons people use Saba Centra. Interacting with others during the session is another

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